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Episode 52 - Rubbing it Pays Off

August 13, 2019

Time is running out to save Tor's daughter. Having barely pried Kort out of the siren's magical grasp, the team has approached the ghostly Butler Rempfer, desperate for any assistance they can get. It turns out he is willing to help the team locate the baron, and even point them to a powerful weapon to help defeat him. But the Butler has one condition, they return his heart to his body so that he can be free to rest in peace. He's probably sick of cleaning bathrooms. If Blag is any indication, shifters like the Houndmaster eat some gross stuff. So it's off to find a heart! Having recently visited the lab of the mad scientist Von Leachtenstein, our adventurers think they have a good idea where to start their search!

Deciding to make the most of their limited time, our adventures split up, once again violating that super basic D&D rule. Rath heads off to complete the Butler's mission, while the others go to finally raid the treasury. And that's the part where things really just all go to hell. Will the team find what they need to defeat the sinister baron? Will their lust for magical items get them in to yet another ridiculous situation? Why does Kort keep looking down his pants? And will someone please see if that crying baby is okay? They probably just want their mummy!

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