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Episode 81- Maker of Nom Noms

August 26, 2020

Blag and Namee have ventured into the portal to journey to Namee's hometown at the behest of the wizard Wanzledorf. Along the way they survived more than one ambush from frog-like creatures! Passing through a small village in the middle of a great valley they met Monadnock, a firbolg with a commanding presence and a deep connection to nature. It turns out he is the same firbolg who founded the Onyx Shields, and has been back among his people serving as a protector since leaving that group. He informs them that he has read the signs in nature and knew that he would be called upon soon to defend the land. After just a bit of confusion as to what happened to his old friend Derand, he is ready to venture forth and joins the party, seeing their meeting as being fated. 

Arriving at the gonimsh settlement of FizzyWhizzalPop they came across a tiefling woman insisting to a guard that she was there to help them. Something she is going to quickly get to prove when the arm of a giant reaches into the cave entrance and grabs a gnome, yelling "nom noms"! Which of these new benevolent characters will be the first to rush out to their aid? And just who is this mysterious tiefling? One thing's for sure, she's got such a cool accent!



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