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Episode 82- Little Gnome Fact

September 9, 2020

Here at the Episode Description Department, we pride ourselves on our ability to, well, describe things. Specifically, events within an episode. This one has us stumped though, as we find ourselves confronted with something we've never seen before. It is so mind-boggling that attempts at description elude us. For in this episode, the players mostly talk to one another in character. And they do it a lot. 

We haven't done the math, but it feels like they talk to each other in character more than they do out of character. Flabbergasting we know. They all talk about their pasts. Seriously, each of them. In a conversational format! It feels like a whole new game. Some sort of talking to each other in character game. No, that doesn't flow well. Discussion between imaginary people game? There has to be a better term for that. Talk playing game? We're open to suggestions here. 

Normally this is the part where we ask vaguely foreshadowy questions like will "Namee do something crazy". But honestly it feels like we never got the momentum going to get there. You might as well just listen to it already because we're no good to you here.


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