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Episode 86- Round Two, Also Begin!

November 4, 2020

The giant fight club has begun! First Blag fought the giant called Bear Tamer. Violexx faced off against a giant with a demon. And Namee entered the ring with a rather nasty giant with a massive crushing weapon. With the rest of the party each securing a win, and very fancy titles, it's Nock's turn to take on a challenger! Which of the giants will he be fighting? Well we'll tell you! Our notes here say he's facing Palino. Huh. That's a very refined name for a giant. No wait, Palino is the angel-like warrior the party saw trouncing four giants when they arrived! Nock is so screwed! 

The fight is on! And Palino's Spanish accent is so smooth he's got everyone trying to talk like him. Really, how can Nock stand up to this guy? The charm alone should blow him away. But maybe Nock has a trick up his sleeve. Yeah, yeah, he doesn't have sleeves in his description. It's an expression! Palino would have just let that slide. He's wonderful like that. And so handsome. I wonder what he's doing after he kicks Nock's butt... Ha! Getting his butt kicked in Butt Mountain... That's a good one... Palino has a nice butt...



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