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Episode 87-If I Die I’m Delicious

November 18, 2020
The final fight has come down to a showdown between Violexx and Namee. Namee goes for a full charm offensive while Violexx grits her teeth and tries to cut him down.
And then, something astounding happens. 
A journey unfolds. One that takes us into uncharted territory. That territory? The mindscape of one of our players, laid bare for all. Learn about the inner-workings of their thoughts in dealing with their opponent's wiles. Kayak down the stream that is their consciousness as they come to terms with the situation before them. 
How will the rest of the party react to this struggle, both in the ring and in the recording studio? Why would they go out of their way to attack banjo fans? Has Palino been standing there the whole time? And what onslaught will finally break one of the combatants? Put on a swimsuit because we're about to dive into some very deep waters!

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