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Episode 89- Shepard’s Hook

December 16, 2020
Our adventurers have found themselves in an unnatural desert, searching for a way to stop it's rapid spread across the land. Upon meeting its unusual source, a djinn that looks to be wasting away, he tells them that he is causing this destruction as the result of a wish. To put a stop to the destruction, he directs them to a ruin deep in the desert where he says the wish was made. On their way there they come across the ruins of a town that appears to have been besieged. Desperate for a break from the monotony of trudging through the desolation, the party decides to investigate the town. 
How much will Nock regret being impatient with the party and pushing onward through the town? And will he regret it even more if he keeps doing it? What sort of grievous injury will Blag suffer by his own hand? Will a simple object he discovers be able to make everything better for him? And just how confused will Violexx get about, well, everything? One thing's for sure, this town is going to be a pain in Nock's ass!
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