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September 24, 2019


What is Intelligence Check? 

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Intelligence Check is an actual play series that's big on the laughs. It's a light-hearted show, using D&D 5e rules, set in the homebrew world of the Lichstone Empire. Follow the adventures of Tor, Blag, Kort and Rathborn as they face the trials created by their devious Dungeon Master, Kyle. We've got dark and mysterious backgrounds, defensive elephants, weird gambling, oddly specific kobold slaughter, and tentacles. Way too many tentacles.

Intelligence Check releases every other Wednesday, with short episodes so it's easier to listen with a hectic schedule. 


Season 2 is out now! Want to jump right in? Check out what you need to know here! And then start with Episode 80- New Friends!


The Cast

Kyle Overturf- Dungeon Master

Kevin Palardy- Kort Hawkins/ Shep

Michael Rempfer- Tor IronOak/ Namee

Anthony Leach- Blagriland Mawriss

Ben Maser- Rathborn/ Monadnock Storm Valley

Lauren Hottinger- Violexx