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What you need to know to start at Season 2 (Episode 80)

August 16, 2020

Spoilers for Season 1 below!


Season 1 Party Members-

Blagriland Mawriss- Blag started his adventure searching for his mother. Along the way he found a sister he didn't even know he had. He is a 9 year old human boy, magically altered into the form of a hulking adult barbarian. When our adventure began in the Lichstone Empire he met a wise monk named Babushka who passed along her teachings to him in the little time they had together before she fell in battle. Now he fights to restore his family and protect those who cannot protect themselves.
Namee- A gnome smuggler and avid tinkerer, Namee is quirky and intensely lovable, which can be hard to reckon with the Penguin skin he wears like a onesie and his fascination with dead bodies. He joined the party to honor the memory of Tor IronOak, an original member who sacrificed himself the save his daughter. Namee now journeys to complete Tor's quest to restore balance to the world. Which is weird because Namee's super chaotic. But it's hard to worry about that when he's just so cute!   
Kort Hawkins- Former member of a gang of thieves that was betrayed and overtaken. A bard by training, Kort is often able to get out of tough situations on charm alone. As long as he doesn't have to negotiate costs with someone shrewd. And there was that one time with a fellow adventurer when he tried to convince her to check for mimics. But other than that, very charming! And he loves elephants. At the end of their most recent adventure Kort left the party to help re-establish his former guild. Yet somehow he's still around to narrate.

Rathborn Finebottom- Yes, he knows his last name makes it hard for people to take him seriously. Which is exactly why he doesn't tell people what it is. A founding member of the party, Rath has gone off to become an Ambassador for the newly re-founded city the Red Halls, the headquarters of a mercenary company called the Onyx Shields.  A tiefling warlock whose patron is the Lord of Lies, Rath's been lying to others and himself since he was a child. One of his bigger lies was when he told the enemies of the Onyx Shields, the ridiculously named Pearl Daggers, that he slew the leader of the Onyx Shields, his mentor, and adopted father Derand. A lie that Blag has accepted as the truth, with sometimes near disastrous results!

Derand- Paladin and former leader of the Onyx Shields. A strong and noble leader, he took in Rathborn as a child after the Onyx Shields were called on to destroy the rampaging Finebottom clan. Yes, again, it sounds less dreadful when you mention the family name. No one knew at the time that their raiding and murdering were due to the evil influence of a mind flayer trying to take over all existence. Derand later sacrificed himself to save Rath and the Lichstone Empire from demonic invasion. In no way did Rath slay him, despite what Blag might tell you!