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Episode 101- Squad Currency

June 2, 2021

Having left the den of the aboleth Cletus, our party takes a little time to collect themselves and assess their situation. It turns out meeting with an ancient malevolent being can be very traumatic, and our team needs a little time to process everything. Especially the deal Blag found himself making with the sinister Cletus! Thanks to Blag's sacrifice, the mission was a success, leading to a wealth of information about the enemy they face. Called the First Chosen, they are a group of powerful beings who were originally selected by the gods to restore balance to the world should the forces of good or evil ever tip the scales too far in one direction. Now however, they are set on the destruction of everything. And it turns out there is a person known as the Evergreen who happens to be an expert on the First Chosen. A person Shep has a little insight on! 

So it's off to Silverkeep, the location of the headquarters of the Scout Protectors, and a city that apparently everyone who lives in this world should visit at least once! With a journey ahead of them that is actually measured in weeks, what will our party do to make use of their time? How will they recenter themselves in the wake of the aboleth encounter? And what situation will they find themselves in that makes Violexx threaten a kid? It's time for a road trip! 



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