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Episode 103- Into the Woods

June 30, 2021
Welcome to Ambush Island! Is that what it's really called? Probably not! But the DM didn't give us a name for it and the players didn't ask! Here at Ambush Island we have everything you could need to plan your next ambush and ambush based rescue mission! We have multiple strategic choke-points including a bridge, paths, and docks. Including a secret allied forces dock!
Have a ranger or druid in your party? Be sure to check out our world-class Paths Through the Forest! These paths are teeming with possibilities to put those nature skills to use. Rated a "Must Use for Ambushes" by the Silverkeep Scoundrel's Monthly News!
Need a place to recover or finalize your devious plans? Come by the inn where our friendly wait staff will turn a blind eye to any discreet conversations and activities! Think rest and planning is for the weak? Check out our famous enemy docks, where you can be sure to find some desperate situations! With so much room for intrigue, traps, and lethal surprises it's no wonder Ambush Island is the ambush destination for the most elite ambushers in all of Faeryn!
Don't have anyone on the island to ambush? Ask about our guided ambush packages designed in conjunction with Dungeon Safaris™.
So come to Ambush Island! Where the only limit to your ambush is your imagination. And dice rolls. 


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