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Episode 104- Eat It Kyle I Love You

July 14, 2021
It's time to rescue one of the Chosen! And it just so happens that the Chosen prisoner is also Blag's sister, so the stakes are extra high for the party! Thankfully our team of adventurers has an actual plan. The party has prepared a series of illusions and traps to swing the situation in their favor. Meanwhile, Nock is undercover, posing as a member of the Pearl Daggers, a group he believes is allied with the mysterious soldiers escorting the prisoner to their waiting ship. As he guides them across the island it is only a matter of time until the enemy sniffs out his trick or the traps are sprung and combat is upon them.
When blades are drawn will we learn what form the enemy is hiding beneath their bandages? Just what fiendish foes has our DM lined up against the adventurers this time? Why is Blag smelling the enemies' stool? What brutal technique will Blag use to take one of their foes down? And will anyone even say hi to his sister Natasha?!



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