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Episode 105- Mr. Boom Boom

July 28, 2021

Our adventurers' plan to save a Chosen prisoner has come down to a brawl, and things are heating up on the battlefield! It could be because of the brawny and mysterious enemies stripping out of the bandages wrapped around their bodies, revealing wings, scaled muscles and testosterone fueled powers. Or maybe those powers are from the draconic heritage they all seem to share. But one thing is clear, these buff and tough bruisers are built! Super hot!


Events getting heated might also have to do with that burning sensation Violexx is feeling after being stabbed by one of these evil beefcakes. Sizzling! Or maybe it's the blast of fire Nock is about to take to the face from the still veiled and probably chiseled leader. Steamy! The party is facing a fight for their lives. Let's hope they don't get too distracted by all the sexiness. No matter how this goes, the temperature is rising with all this heat and we are here for it! 



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