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Episode 106- Too Pretty to Live

August 11, 2021
With a flash of his blades, Blag has successfully shredded the body of one of the draconians facing our adventurers. But unknown to him, this was the draconian our DM Kyle lovingly referred to in his head as Mr. Boom Boom. And now that he's been diced into a fine mist, Mr. Boom Boom is about to show the team why he got that nickname! 
As they pick themselves back up off the ground, the party seems to recognize that they are in a much tougher situation than they realized. With the fight ongoing, which draconian will show themselves to be an extra bastard when one of our combatants is struggling to survive? Will our adventurers choose to make a tactical retreat? Or will they be able to rally and make a stand against the fearsome enemy? The battle rages on!



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