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Episode 107- Barrels of Fun

August 25, 2021

With the draconians in retreat, our party has safely made it aboard the ally ship with the rescued Chosen, Blag's sister Natasha. The rest of this mission will absolutely be smooth sailing from here on out! So what if the draconian leader said they'd catch up to our party on the ship? Surely that was just a bluff. Silly, terrifyingly dangerous draconian!  Anyway, with a tough battle almost certainly behind them it's time for our adventurers to make their escape. Did the draconians have a ship too? It could be a fast one. Maybe a military one instead of the smuggling ship our team is on. It is an island, and the intel did say they were heading to a ship. It'll be fine! Well, with the fighting definitely maybe over, the party is due some time to rest up and recover from their near defeat at the hands of the freakishly powerful and competent enemy. An enemy that seems very unlikely to let their captive be taken from them. Like we said, smooth sailing and celebratory margaritas ahead!



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