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Episode 110- A Boy, His Bond, and the Burials

October 6, 2021
The rescue mission is complete. Our adventurers saved Blag's sister Natasha from the clutches of the draconian elite unit. And with just a little help from the Chosen they fought to protect, the party was able to drive off the enemies forces that attempted to stop their escape. But the price paid was devastatingly high. 
Upon arriving back in the city of Silverkeep, Violexx, Namee and Blag take to the streets to distract themselves from the loss of their friends and the upcoming memorial service. Their reprieve is soon interrupted by a trio of shady characters with murderous intentions. How will Namee's temper flare to life? What cutting words will Violexx have for their attackers? And will Blag actually use his javelins?  Those weapons have been with him from the beginning of his journey, so they certainly have some tales to be told?  

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