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Episode 111- The Sea Team

October 20, 2021
After watching Blag be whisked away back to the aboleth, and saying their farewells to Nock and Shep, Namee and Violexx are approached by the Evergreen. Despite their recent losses, they are once again called to join the fray against the forces of the evil First. Thankfully the Evergreen knows they will need help in the upcoming battles and has new companions set to join them! Three of them conveniently enough! 
The first to join the party appears to be a Tortle who has accompanied the Evergreen on his visit. What will we learn about this new adventurer? Who are the others joining the party? And which of them will compel Namee to lick something random? It's time to meet the new crew!
This episode also includes a promo from the wonderful Dimension Door podcast! 



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