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Episode 112- Friend Point

November 3, 2021

With the new party members introduced the team has set sail aboard Jag's ship the Salty Narwhal. There, they have some time to bond and learn a little about each other. But the two weeks on board the ship passes fast and they have now arrived at the beginning of a large battle against the forces of the First. We know these new adventurers can handle themselves in some light conversation, but are they any good in a fight?

If Tor were there he'd probably put a bet on Jag being able to hold his own in a brawl. He's a big minotaur with a pirate accent and who has named his two axes. He's been in bar fights at least! But what about Way, the tortle who seems to always be looking towards the sky? He says he spent time helping to defend trade caravans he worked on. But what does that really mean? What secret abilities is he hiding in that huge backpack of his? And then there's Rady, the apparently always intoxicated yaun-ti who would rather take a nap than share any details about himself. Is he able to sober up enough to realize he's even in a fight? And if so what does he bring to the battlefield other than a surly disposition? It's time to find out as the combatants charge into the fray!


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