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Episode 115- Threisted

December 15, 2021
Our adventurers need to infiltrate a party being hosted by leaders of the enemy faction. There, they hope to find a map showing the location of the enemy headquarters where they expect the captive Palino is being held. They've just put together their big plan to get into the party. And that's as far as they've got. If the plan stops once they get in the door is it really a plan? At best that's a fraction of a plan! 
Thankfully they're being helped by a contact in the Silverkeep Thieves Guild. And it's Kort! He's back! Sure, he's still been around doing the intros and outros, but it's really entertaining making Kevin's characters talk to each other! And that conversation involves some tense negotiation over prices of the tools and services the guild can provide. Just kidding, it's Kort, he's terrible at negotiating! Although he does smoothly offer the heist insurance package. Thankfully for him Jade is there overseeing the process and also helping Violexx find the right dress for her disguise! 
Will the adventurers get away with not paying for anything? When they get to the party, who will Jag need to yell at to get some respect? And what will Rady be wearing to be incognito? Let the heist with maybe 1/4th of a plan begin!


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