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Episode 116- Stole N

December 29, 2021
The heist is in full swing! With Rady, Jag, and Way already in the mansion, the time has come for Violexx and Namee to make their grand entrance! And what an entrance it is! Disguised as a high elf and wearing one of Jade's finest dresses, Violexx is bringing the class to this heist. And Namee is giving the guards something to think about! 
Meanwhile Way is putting on a show for the guests. Rady is drinking on the job. And Jag is making some new friends.
As the party scouts out the mansion, what very specific suggestion will Namee have for Violexx? And what will he call upon that'll give the partygoers a fright? With the risk of discovery around every corner, let's hope the party can find what they're looking for without stumbling into too much trouble!

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