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Episode 117- Drag On Knowledge

January 12, 2022

It's mid-heist, and most of the party has made it to the arcane room of the mansion. The scene is the minotaur Jag bashing on the next door in the room to get it open. Violexx in her elf disguise has found a set of keys that she's hoping Jag will just try instead. Namee, transformed into a ferret, has summoned a swarm of mice to run wild throughout the party. And Way is standing there, rooting through his giant tortle backpack, worried about the footsteps he hears over Jag's attack on the door. Footsteps that are steadily coming down the hall towards them.

At the same time, the fairly intoxicated Rady is off on his own and has stumbled through a secret door in the wine cellar. A door that leads to a tunnel ending in stairs going down, deep into the ground. 

Will Jag get that door open? Will the rampaging rodents be enough of a distraction to keep security from investigating the noise he's causing? Just who is coming towards that arcane room? What will happen that reminds Namee that hit points are a thing in this game? And what awaits them down the stairs, in the depths below the mansion? Let's just hope it's not helmed horrors! 



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