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Episode 121- Line and Order Special Namee Unit

March 9, 2022
So the party went to Heaven. And they did it without any of them dying! That's neat! And after confronting Palino about his shitty behavior, including an ineffective but meaningful kick to the ass from Namee, it seems they're going to be allowed to hang out for a bit. If you've got a visitor's pass to Heaven you might as well put it to good use! 
With the help of Natasha, our adventurers start making some house calls to gods to petition them for their favor. Being selected as a Chosen of a god will go a long way towards being able to stop the First and their apocalyptic plans. First up, Namee! His god visit turns out just a bit different than any of the party would have expected! Then Jag gives it a go by picking from a whole menu of available gods. And he has some real breakthroughs! It's all very touching.


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