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Episode 122- A Way Back

March 23, 2022
Our adventurers are in heaven seeking to become Chosen of various gods, and so far it's going surprisingly well! Name and Jag were up first. They both made some new friends and became honorary Chosen, gifted with powers to help fight against the evil First. Now it's time for the rest of the party to meet up with their gods. Let's hope it goes as well as it did with the first two gods!
Up first is Way! What situation will he find himself in, and will he pass the test placed before him? And will he accept some fashion suggestions from his companions? Then Rady gives it a go, petitioning the god of booze. But did he read the entire description of what that being is the god of? And finally Violexx visits with her deity, someone she is already well acquainted with. What staggering gift will Violexx be offered during their meeting? It's time for some monumental choices to be made!



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