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Episode 123- Chosen Points

April 6, 2022
With the heavenly meet and greet completed, the party regroups to catch up and plan their next move. They've secured new powers in their fight against the first and had some major developments in the process. One of those is a shocking revelation Violexx is happy to share. The other development also has a momentous impact, but Rady may not be up to mentioning it to the group! Seeing as how the apocalypse is about to kick off, the adventurers for once have a good reason to gloss over important story points! 
Will the party be impressed with Way's new tattoo? How is Rady dealing with the trauma of his unexpected patron visit? What are the charges on a long-distance inter-planar phone call? How will Jag do with a little run-in with gravity? And is anyone surprised that the gnome in a flightless bird suit can soar through the air gracefully? Is this a D&D podcast or an old saturday morning cartoon?!

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