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Episode 127- The Gang Turns Hell Upside Down

June 1, 2022

Having entered Hell our party found themselves at the entrance to what seemed to be some sort of a theme park. With a little creative line manipulation from Namee and Violexx's eagle eye vision, they quickly learned that this was no ordinary demon amusement. It was in fact part of the Dungeon Safari brand and that it was run by none other than Rathborn, one of the founding party members! After introductions were made, and some startling revelations were shared by Rady, Rath left them to follow after his wife who was sprinting for a portal to the Lichstone Kingdom. Thankfully Rath's patron, affectionately called B-Bubs, was there to show our adventurers the way to the nexus in Hell. It seems so weird to have affection for a warlock patron after meeting Rady's!

Upon reaching the nexus they find their next foe, the rakshasa Traintorker! He's approaching the nexus after having apparently killed a large number of demons who were blocking his path. Jag thinks fast, throwing one of his axes, and the fight begins! What monstrous forms will the shape-shifting rakshasa use against our heroes?  What sound make's Lauren's lips feel funny? What will Namee do to flip the battle in their favor? And with the existence of all life on the line will anyone think to make another rakshasa rock lobster joke?! 



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