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Episode 129- Death is Cheaper Than Life

June 29, 2022

Being ferried through the land of the dead by their new pal Bonesy, the party has had their pleasant river of styx guided tour just ruined by the pursuit of the massive leviathan. And despite being a turtle, it refuses to have a polite conversation with Way! With the monster quickly gaining on their boat, it's time to get creative if they want to live to get to where they're trying to go to fight the person they actually came there to fight. It's all very vexing. And between Lauren's coarse language, the giant undead turtle unleashing his nasty breath on the party and Way pitching a tent, this episode is also all around filthy. Let's hope a run in with Raine will be enough to clean things up a bit. Unless she cleans the floor with the adventurers!



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