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Episode 139 Half-Assed

November 16, 2022

The hijacked adventuring party consisting of Violexx, Rath, Kort, Blag and Fergus has found themselves in a strange room with a large sign telling them to say goodbye to their fine bottom. Or is it Finebottom? Seeing as how that's Rath's last name, it's entirely possible. Especially since this whole place has been very odd so far! 

What's got everyone scratching their heads is the sign also says that the room is copyrighted by Dungeon Safaris, which is Rath's business aimed at siphoning money from rich people. And also he used it that one time to kill a guy. All in all, things aren't making any sense! 

Which party member has a surprising number of catch phrases? And which old villain will the group end up trading insults with? Hang on to your butts as we continue the adventure through whatever the hell this place is!



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