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Episode 27 - No Free Rides

August 28, 2018

Batten the hatches, get on the mainmast, and tie some knots ye scurvy dogs! It’s time for high seas adventure! After chasing Jade through the Red Halls, our adventurers find themselves on a ship that has set out to sea with Jade nowhere to be found. With their gold left in their bunks, the team is forced to work to pay for their passage.

The crew of the ship is astute enough to not give our adventurers any important tasks, so they are left with a series of odd jobs and personal requests to take care of. In a burst of inspiration, or maybe just laziness, they concoct one of their most ridiculous plans yet.

Avast! Abaft the beam! Anchor's aweigh! All aboard the Intelligence Check Cruise Line! Where we guarantee you might not get food poisoning! 

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