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Episode 31 - C Monster

October 24, 2018

The nautical murder mystery is complete! Amazing everyone, our adventurers managed to discover the identity of the killer. But just when it looks like they might get to finish this trip in relative peace, another crisis rises. The team finds themselves face to face with one of their recurring foes- math. Really, the biggest lesson in all of this is to stay in school. Otherwise, you might end up fighting for your life on a cruise ship you didn't want to be on. A ship that you converted to a casino. After you fed all the people on board lightly poisoned rats.

Actually that doesn't sound that bad. It would make a hell of a story at their high school reunions. Do they have high school in fantasy world? Kort says he went to Bard school, but who knows if that's true? And Rath was essentially home schooled. Until Derand "dropped out". Also, Blag is young enough to be in elementary school. Come to think of it, Blag should be in school! What kind of terrible adults are taking him on these crazy adventures, keeping him out of school? Oh yeah, the name of this show is really starting to make sense. Time to learn some lessons!

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