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Episode 32 - Swimming Lessons

November 7, 2018

In our last episode Rath got hit very, very hard. He is down for the count and things are not looking good. In light of these events he has asked that we read the following statement- "I don't like this episode. I don't appreciate the abuse my body receives. I don't get to blast anything or use tentacles to mess with people. Also I've decided cruises are dumb. People pay for these?The food is supposed to be the big draw, and there isn't even a chef! So what if we are slightly responsible for that? I would like to thank my party members for their support through these difficult times. Except Tor. He needs to stop taking his shirt off. It's gross. Please direct any questions to my Attorney, Beaker. Thank you."

How will our adventurers survive the ongoing water elemental assault? Will Tor resist the urge to unleash powerful spells in the area of Rath's body? Will anyone remember that there are passengers on board? It's time to sink or swim! 

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