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Episode 33 - Tor’s Magic Rod

November 20, 2018

Our last episode was a lot of ,"we're going to die", and ,"how's that unconscious guy floating for so long?" Then Kort was all like ,"I'll save everyone with magic." So, now the party has washed up on an island. Which is much more pleasant than drowning. Although, Tor seems a bit distracted. And oddly, his concern doesn't seem to be for his casino, which is now under water.

It appears the mysterious Jade is on this island as well. Is she somehow responsible for stranding our adventurers there? Also, what is the deal with her and Kort? Perhaps he'll spin a tale about his own past deeds for once. As the party pushes deeper into the island, what strange predators will they encounter? And how will Blag horrifically dismember them? It's time to hold on to your butts!

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