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Episode 34 - Golden Boy

December 5, 2018

In the last episode, our adventurers were about to get chomped on by a pack of dinos when a mysterious whistle drew the razor-clawed critters away. That's not ominous at all! The party decided to take a breather in the tree tops they found themselves in after having fled in terror from their imminent disembowelment. Now, with guidance from the spirit of Babushka, they set back out to continue their trek through the jungle.

It quickly becomes apparent that the island does not welcome their presence! With the land itself resisting their progress, will our adventurers be forced back into their leafy sanctuary? What new mysteries will they discover in their explorations? And will they willingly walk into any obvious traps? If they are enticed by something shiny, of course they will! It's time to channel their inner survivor for man, half-elf, tiefling, and dwarf vs. wild! 

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