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Episode 35 - Displacer Emotions

December 19, 2018

Having been led into the mountain by the mysterious living armor, the party discovers a series of traps, puzzles, and ethical dilemmas. That's all the the things these adventurers are the worst at! Chances are this won't go well. Having actually learned some lessons from previous adventurers, Kort and Rath try to be cautious. But Tor is around, and Tor is impulsive, kicking things off with a bang. Kort and Rath try very hard to not to suffer the consequences of that impulsiveness, but that doesn't work out. Someone gets a little mad about it.

It's not all bad for the party though. Tor has a new shiny friend, Rath sees some fun tentacles, and Kort rolls poorly. Which is bad for him, but funny for everyone else. It turns out frustration is a great way to get emotion from these guys! Thankfully, Blag demonstrates his monk training by remaining calm and stoic. Despite having a -1 to his intelligence stat, he also still makes really good puns! And then he goes and does horrible, awful things in combat. Will this be the trial that finally puts our adventurers at each others' throats? Will they be merciful to others at their own expense? It's time for a little group therapy!

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