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Episode 36 - Cagey Choices

January 2, 2019

In our last episode the team faced a series of challenges as they were led through the mountain by the Warforged Fergus. These challenges tested their moral character, willingness to sacrifice for others, and if they can get over their paralyzing fear of taking damage they can see coming.

They also showed that they are willing to forget about ethical dilemmas as soon as they are able to move past them. And while they may be inclined to just gloss over what was done to that poor displacer beast, we here at the Episode Description Department feel it is our duty to hold them to account! Sure it had big claws with which it tried to kill the adventurers. But not one of them attempted to cuddle the tentacled murder-kitty!

We've just been handed a note saying our job here is to talk about the current episode. Fine. Our adventurers continue through the mountain, facing the challenges Fergus leads them to. There is no cuddling in this episode. And yes, they do show a little mercy. But there is no discussion of the fate of the poor displacer beast or how some party members allow their lust for blood to override the misgivings of the others!

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