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Episode 37 - Steve’s Tower

January 16, 2019

Some important concepts to know for this episode-

Mind flayer- Mysterious race with tentacles around their mouth. Needs to consume at least one intelligent brain a month to remain healthy. That last one's not related to our story, but is a fun tidbit.

Electricity- Commonly used as a magical barrier. Resistant to hammers. Bad for tieflings.

Separation Anxiety- What can happen when you take a dwarf away from shiny things.

Shifter- A race believed to be descendants of humans and lycanthropes. They smell a little funky. Suspicious of clothing.

Clear communication is important- For example, when a DM hands the players a map with terrible handwriting on it. Any resulting confusion isn't the players' fault.

Mysterious Tower- Mysterious. Especially when you can't decipher the name given to the tower by the DM on their map. Be careful when touching mysterious towers.

And of course, protect your eggs!

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