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Episode 38 - Battle in the Buff

January 30, 2019

In our last episode the party reached a village of shifters and learned about the mysterious Steve's Tower. Kyle clearly had a better name in mind for that, but the players are basically children and he knows when it's best to just let the kids have their way. Rath was readying himself to be teleported in to the aforementioned Tower when the village came under attack. Deciding it would be best to seek an audience with Steve at a later time, they take to the ramparts to join in the defense.

This would all be very noble of them if Tor and Blag didn't take the opportunity to try out something new that can only generously be described as a battle strategy. If nothing else, it is sure to inspire horror in the enemy, and everyone else around them. Kort invokes the name of Steve to strike just a little more fear in the hearts of the attackers. While Rath utilizes the advanced strategy of aiming for the head. And then Blag goes and takes it to a whole new level of groan-inducing attacks.

Will our party actually contribute to the defense of the villagers? And will they discover more about the mystery of Steve? Will a certain bard learn the consequences of an off-hand comment? And will they somehow manage to offend any Yanni fans who may be listening? It's time to earn that explicit tag!

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