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Episode 39 - Tor Fails at Surrendering

February 13, 2019

It's time for Blag to enter the ominous Steve's Tower. Will Steve even be home? There aren't any windows or doors so you can't tell if there's a light on inside. Apparently he's really in to privacy. How does he get his monthly delivery of "Big Dumb Towers in the Middle of a Small Village Digest"?

With Blag in the most unwelcoming tower ever, the rest of the party is left to find a productive use of their time. Rath makes one of his dreams come true before they venture out to scout the nearby Yaun-Ti village. Those are the snake people they helped defeat in such horrible fashion in the last episode. Probably no hard feelings there.

Is there more going on here than the party suspects? Will Tor be extremely accommodating to a potential enemy? And what very situational new character voice will he debut? Will Kyle burn out on snake people voices? And what word will get banned from future episodes? Here's a hint, it rhymes with Rath groaning in disgust. 

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