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Episode 40 - It’s a Trap

February 27, 2019

Last episode our adventurers had a very self-inflicted run-in with the Yuan Ti. This led to a shocking revelation about a particular sea monster that leaves the party questioning the wizard Steve's motives. Realizing that maybe Blag's previously unjustified threats to the wizard were spot-on, the team decides to return to the tower and put Steve to some hard questions.

Of course things never go that smoothly for these adventurers, and they quickly find themselves debating the merits of using local villagers as cannon fodder. The same villagers they just finished defending. By now it should be clear that these guys are not good people. Once again, they attempt to bluff and confuse their way through a situation. With less than stellar results.

What ghastly discovery will they make when they enter Steve's tower? And just how long will it take them to fight the damn thing already? Will Kort become a monster's snack? That's oddly specific, so very likely yes. 

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