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Episode 41 - Tor’s the Healer

March 13, 2019

With the spectral guardian of the first floor defeated, our adventurers continue their climb up the wizard Steve's tower. Okay, defeated is a stretch, but history is written by the victors right? Or in this case the ones who didn't run completely away. They just ran out of the tower to force the townsfolk to help them. And they only had one of their team unconscious from being munched on. That's basically the textbook definition of victory!

Reaching the second level, the party comes upon a seemingly innocent group of fairies who just want to play. It turns out that sometimes it is all fun and games overcoming a wizard's security system! Tor brings out a classic party game, while Kort totally overthinks things.

Will they make it to the top of the tower? And if so will they actually try to talk to Steve, or are we looking at a magical stand-off? Will Steve tire of their interference? Will anyone know who the healer is? It might be time for Steve to put his foot down on the whole situation!

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