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Episode 42 - A Torless Group

March 27, 2019

So Tor got squished. He was completely stomped on. Is that insensitive to say? It is what happened after all. His tiny dwarf body found itself between a floor and a large stomping foot. He was stepped upon with murderous intent. It sure seems like he got squished out of existence. These are just the facts people. Either way, the rest of the party doesn't seem too concerned about it. Moving on with their day, they decide to complete their exploration of the tower.

The party encounters a series of character interactions that Rath is more than happy to just relax and observe. Kyle puts a very strong emphasis on the word fate. And then they are just terrible at rescuing the prisoners.

So why did Tor's body do more of a poof than a splat? Did he leave a forwarding address for his mail? Should the rest of the party go for brunch? What's the reason the adventurers (minus Tor, he squished) are on this island? Are there even good brunch options there? Doesn't seem to be much of a restaurant scene. Where will the party venture next? If only there were another ominous message to guide them on their way! 

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