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Episode 45 - An Un-Deadly Dilemma

May 8, 2019

With screams echoing throughout the town, our adventurers rush to see what has so many dwarves running for their lives. It's zombies. Let's be clear, there's basically one thing that happens this episode. They fight the zombies. Sure, Tor does some cleric stuff. And of course some bad puns are tossed about. But really, it all leads back to fighting zombies. Which is totally awesome! About time we get some zombies in here!

We here in the episode description department would love to glamorize it and say there's compelling character development and thought-provoking dialogue. But at one point Blag punches through a zombie's head. Which, to be clear, is so badass!

It's a zombie fighting episode. And fighting zombies is rad as hell! So strap on your chainsaw prosthetic hand and get ready to shred some walkers!

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