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Episode 46 - The Blag and the Hound

May 22, 2019

Having more or less successfully defended the town of Wildsteel from a Zombie uprising, our adventurers decide to take the fight to the malevolent Baron Von Uberdorf. After they get a good night's sleep of course. Upon arriving at his manor they discover the way forward is blocked, safely secured by an unlocked gate, a doggy, and a hedge maze. Terrifying, we know.

Will our adventurers be able to overcome the canine guardian? As things heat up for Beaker, will the party learn a little something about the nature of companionship? Or will it just break down into a fight over who is responsible for the cool thing they did?

Join the adventurers as they navigate the twists and turns of the DM's devious labyrinth, and make a lot of paper sounds in the process. Let's hope they don't hit a dead end!

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