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Episode 47 - a-MAZE-ing

June 5, 2019

Last episode left our adventurers deep in the treacherous hedge maze of Baron Von Uberdorf. As they traverse further in to the maze, they are pursued by the sounds of heavy, bestial breathing. And then there's also that wraith that keeps popping out of the bushes and taking swings at the party. Kind of like when you have an uninvited guest, and you think they're finally going to leave, but they just linger. And try to murder you. You get the idea.

Soon the party discovers an ominous globe of impenetrable darkness, just daring them to ignore it. Kind of like those people out on the street who want you to sign up for something, and you try to avoid eye contact, and they're ready for it. And then they pounce and take a chunk of your soul. It's like that.

When poor rolls leave the team a little unarmed, will Blag take the initiative to put something in his mouth when it is very clearly a bad idea? Kind of like when someone doesn't think things though. You know, like a moron. There's a zero in the logo for a reason folks!

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