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Episode 54 - Heal the Dead

September 11, 2019

As our adventurers continue their quest to save Tor's daughter from the clutches of the vampire Baron Von Uberdorf, you just have to admire the artistry with which he has created this gauntlet of creepiness. Clearly he has a passion for dungeon design! First the hedge maze to even get to his manor was just crawling with undead encounters. Then he had that giant collection of treasure guarded by a freaking mummy. And now this mausoleum, where every turn leads to another twisted terror. Each new room is basically an 80's metal band album cover. Hopefully Rath is taking notes for his dungeon business, because he's getting one heck of a free lesson here. 

Wasn't the Baron trying to take over the world? Something about traveling around and starting vampire outbreaks? Sure, he's probably immortal, but who has the time for opening global vampire franchises and so much dungeon planning? It makes you question what you do with your time if he can pull all this off. He's got plots and schemes, a giant house complete with hell hounds, a healthy social life, and dudes with heads that pop off when they become awful bat creatures. And here we are just playing Dungeons & Dragons.

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