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Episode 56- Simon Says

October 9, 2019

After patting themselves on the back to celebrate all the danger they heroically ran away from, our adventurers ready themselves to confront the Baron and rescue Tor's daughter. They heal up and confer with the vampire hunter they just saved for any pro tips. But the last time this guy went against the Baron he ended up as a zombie. So, he may not be the best resource. Maybe the Baron isn't all that he's been hyped up to be though. He's probably got some stereotypical bad guy voice just to seem tougher than he really is.

As the party enters the final chamber, will the Baron mind the interruption? How will he feel about these guys going through all his stuff? Will the party try diplomacy or just start throwing hammers? And will Rath be able to stop Kort from saying something they might all regret? It's time to confront a Vampire Lord! 

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