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Episode 57- Heroic Moment

October 23, 2019

It's time! Time to take on the Vampire Lord Baron Von Uberdorf! Time to save Tor's daughter and prevent her transformation into one of the Baron's minions. Time for our adventurers to almost certainly get their asses handed to them. But first, they decide to focus on smashing a couple coffins. Because we haven't waited long enough for this fight! And although the Baron may be soft-spoken, it turns out you do not want to mess with his furniture! 

When the Baron decides he's had enough of their intrusion it does not go well for the party. Rath almost explodes from one of the Baron's vicious attacks. Seriously. He barely avoids a hit so hard, it would have probably turned him into a pile of goo. Kort brings an elephant to the party. Blag gets to live out one of his favorite monster fight fantasies. And Tor does what he does best and changes everything.


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