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Episode 59- Secret Vote

November 20, 2019

It's a rough time for our adventurers who are still reeling from the loss of one of their own. Thankfully, there is a beacon of hope in the darkness. And it's a gnome dressed in a penguin's skin. It sounds less beacon of hope-like when you put it that way. Regardless, Namee has warmed the hearts of his new party members. Notice how we're saying his party members. Because it's his party now. You'll see.

With the funeral at an end, the team is called back to the Red Halls where the horror that is politics awaits them. The Onyx Shields are voting for their new leader, and something is off about the tally. Will Kort have a very ugly moment? How excited is Rath going to be about getting to talk to a bunch of Onyx Shields? Will Blag forget who someone he once considered a dear friend is? And will there be a new villain named Chad hanging around? No, but that would have been a great political reference for our younger listeners! 


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