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Episode 62- Heisted as Planned 2: Heisteder

December 18, 2019

Having bungled their way into a secure complex, our adventurers continue to follow Jade's directions as she guides them through what has clearly become a heist. What are her goals there? And how does she know the building layout and guard locations so perfectly? Very good questions that she is masterfully dodging. But the party pushes on, because really, what else do they have to do?

Meanwhile Rath is not having a good time. Blag and Namee are pulling off Looney Tunes routines, and Kort is chatting up a blast from the past. They're all having a very enjoyable heist. Rath is left to reminisce about their last pilfering mission, which was lovely for him. Unlike this mission. Hopefully he'll get to use a flashy spell. That always makes him feel better. That and grabbing treasure of course. Thankfully his teammates are there to throw him a line. It's time to steal stuff! Again!


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