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Episode 63- Phara-Oh-You Got Ugly

January 1, 2020

After what is probably their weirdest getaway yet, our adventurers return to Jade's hideout for a post heist debrief. She informs them there is still much thieving to be done in order assist her with a special mission that is of particular interest to both Kort and Rath. Their next step? Steal a very sought-after treasure from a pyramid. Good thing that old fear about pyramids having traps and curses is just a myth, right?

So, it turns out the pyramid is full of traps and curses. Also the entrance is strewn with the bones of others who came before them attempting to nab the treasure. All ominous signs that would make reasonable people reconsider their next steps. Good thing this group is far from reasonable! Let's join the party as the venture in. What could possibly go wrong?


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