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Episode 64- Pyramid Scheme

January 15, 2020

Having survived the last round of traps mostly unscathed, but definitely worse for the wear, our adventurers continue to push into the heart of the pyramid. As they enter the first chamber, it quickly becomes clear that they've entered the puzzle phase of their exploration.

They should have no problems with that of course. Historically, puzzles have been no issue for them! What's that? What about the Spa Tile you ask? We'll thank you for not bringing up the Spa Tile. Yes, it's capitalized now. And yes, now we're all reliving that travesty. But fear not! These puzzles involve riddles, so there's no risk at all of them overthinking things or just flat out not getting them!

Here's a riddle for you dear listeners. What do you call a half-elf, a gnome, a tiefling and a shifter who are afraid of some little bugs? The answer: Intelligence Check! 


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