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Episode 66- Cleaning Out the Temple

February 12, 2020
With the Staff of Pa-La-Di in hand, the Dungeon Master has plans to "wrap"-up this pyramid mission with a quick trip back to town so the adventurers can see a cleric and get their curses removed. And for some, to get their eyeballs back. But Namee doesn't care about the whims of a Dungeon Master. And Namee wants to do something random before calling it a day. And do you know what happens when you take a mundane situation like a visit to town and you add in Namee? Chaos. Chaos is what happens.
Will Rath keep the curse of beauty and risk the chance of it backfiring later? Has Kort finally learned the value of a gold coin? And will any of it matter, because Namee is just going to Namee? It's time to do some cleaning! Yes, we said cleaning. Trust us, it's way more ridiculous than it sounds.

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